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You were meant to spend your hard-earned money — intentionally, with control, and without debt.

I 'm here to show you how to free  your money, so you can use it on things that matter to YOU, ditch debt for good, and build wealth easily. 

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Each 10 to 15-minute episode breaks down intimidating money topics into small actionable steps that are straightforward and easy to implement, so you can start taking positive steps right after every episode. 

By the time I was in my 20s and even beyond, I was in way over my head, living paycheck to paycheck, in debt,  and feeling helpless and stuck.

With no budget, no intentional spending habits, and practically an allergic reaction to saving, my husband and I racked up $105,878.64 of high-interest debt.  

The stress was unbearable. The shame was heavy.

And, I knew I had to get out from under that weight. The fear and anxiety associated with poor money habits and the position my family was in had reached its threshold.

I decided it was time to change.

It took a lot of searching, learning, and relentlessly cutting through all the noise, but I found what works, and what doesn't.

And I'm here on a mission to share the proven methods to get you to financial freedom even faster than I did. 

The steps I took are not rocket science. They're simple, actionable, and proven to work.

If this recovering over spender can do this, why can't you?

I've since helped hundreds of thousands of women take control and thrive with their money. Isn't it time you start living life on your own terms?

3 Easy steps to financial freedom.

Results-driven resources to make smart money moves that move the needle without cramping your lifestyle. 

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