Saving Whiz Community

The exclusive money community that helps you amplify your finances and your life.


You're managing your money from a place of guilt and shame, right now. And it's limiting your freedom to take back control of your money and live on your terms.

And what makes it worse is trying to fix your finances all on your own, while it seems that everyone around you is thriving and you're the only one struggling.

I remember feeling this exact way when I was struggling with my debt of over $105,000. If only I could find one friend that wanted the same goals, we could keep each other accountable and encourage each other.

That's why the Saving Whiz private community is so powerful. You not only get the knowledge and tools, but a like-minded community of friends fixing their finances too, while encouraging you, giving you feedback, and being there for you when you need it.  

This community helps you thrive with your money, and members are not only getting out of debt, they're finding their financial freedom. 

Hi, I'm Gina !

Founder of Saving Whiz community, debt-free expert, personal finance educator, and your online financial mentor in this community.

I'm also a wife and mom, lover of fudgy brownies, rom coms, and singing Disney karaoke with my daughters.

 I’ve been in the money space for over 15 years and have been specifically helping women on their money journey for more than 4 years.

I'm your expert coach and I'm here to help you have the freedom to spend your money on your terms.

Isn't it time to get some relief and start thriving with your money?


The Saving Whiz community is an exclusive online space for purpose-driven women, who are learning to thrive with their money and transform their lives.

As a member, you get access to be a part of a thriving community with specially designed masterclasses, money challenges, expert insights, and tons of valuable resources to help you no matter where you are with your money.

We've simplified everything for you so it's actionable and easy to implement.

In this space, you are empowered by your money, not struggling with it. 


This program is perfect for you if:

  • You are ready to commit and make the effort to fix your finances for good
  • You are not trying to find a magical, overnight solution that doesn't exist
  • You're excited to get the freedom to spend money on your own terms
  • You're ready to make your money work harder

as a member, you'll have the tools to:

Master your budget

Get everything you need to take control of your budget and create a spending plan that aligns with your goals and lifestyle.

Become Debt-Free

Create a payoff strategy that works with your income and your timeline.

Improve your credit

New money systems will keep your spending in line while automating your payments, making your credit score improve naturally.

Have Financial Security

Have enough saved to be fully prepared for unexpected emergencies that arise.

Improve Money Habits

Get the tools and resources to create routines that support your financial goals so you can easily stick to your plan.

Transform your mindset

As you evolve in this community, so will your money perspective, which will improve your relationship with money.


What's inside the membership?

All the tools you need to make real progress with your money. 

Materials & Resources

Workbooks, templates, and much more to help you apply what you learn and take real action.

 Videos & Live Q&A's

Videos, Expert Interviews & Live Calls to keep you learning and moving forward.

Money Challenges & Book Club

Get out of your comfort zone, learn perspectives, and make massive progress.

Community Support

A private chatroom community to help inspire &  empower you, and cheer you on!

 The Saving Whiz community is more than just a group, it's a tribe that supports you.

As a member of the Saving Whiz community, you are empowered to make smart money moves and create new friendships that last a lifetime. 
You also have exclusive access to masterclasses, interactive book club, money challenges, live calls, and much more. 
Nothing beats being a part of a community that keeps you moving forward.